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1. About Taike Agar

Taike is an independent high-tech biotechnology company that manufactures all natural instant agar-agar & standard agar powder for food producers worldwide.Shenzhen Taike Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is branch of Wuhan Taike Biotechnology Co. Ltd for international Sales & Purchasing.

2. Locations
Taike is situated at Wuhan Biolake, the only state-level bio-pharmaceutical park in China. With the technical support from Wuhan University and resources joint & share with high-tech enterprises of strong innovative forces, Taike mainly manufactures and sells reagents and reagent kits for scientific research and agar for biological detection on the basis of manufacturing of micro/nano materials and on biological function technology.

Taike has set its marketing and sales headquarters in Shenzhen, focusing the international and domestic food ingredient trading business in long term.

3.Team Strength

Research & Development Team

Taike is a member of Wuhan Institute of Biotechnology. Its experts are from Wuhan Institute of Biotechnology and College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, Wuhan University. The experts has years of experiences in biological detection, agar production, research and development. Based on these, the instant agar product of the company is of high purity and transparency, and is easy to dissolve.
Seaweed Cultivate Team
Taike own Nanao seaweed breeding base, which strictly controls the quality of agar from the source. Meanwhile, Taike purchase high quality seaweed from Morocco and Indonesia.
Application Research Team
Taike has a high-level application platform and have rich experience in application  of  yogurt, jelly, pudding,beverage, ice cream, baking and etc.
Taike application team has been devoted to the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic and biotechnological area. Hope we can provide services to everyone.

4.Our vision
Taike aims to continually provide natural, safe, healthy food ingredient products to our clients with relentless innovation and heartfelt service.

5. Customer service  
Besides the instant agar products, we also market solutions for food thickeners &  stabilizer throughout China and worldwide as thus interchange helps us to explore and form more creative solutions for customers' needs. We are committed to being stay focused and receptive at the same time so that we can provide the best solutions to you.

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