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Standard Agar

Agar-agar has been widely applied in the food industry,  such as confectionary, pudding, jelly and backery filling, etc.

With people's life improving, healthy and nature dietary fiber agar is the most popular the foods or food ingredient.


Agar VS other Stabilizer£º


General usage
Pectin (E440)
Delicate taste , good stability
Low viscosity, poor thickening effect, excessive adding will cause the sand feeling
0.1 ~ 0.2%
Gelatin (E441)
Apparent smooth and creamy
Above 15 ~ 20 ¡æ the viscosity will decay obviously, raw material sourced from animal origin which is not suitable for halal people
0.2 ~ 0.6%
Modified starch
High viscosity, good water retention
Not resistant to shear, taste rough, lack of gloss and smooth feeling
0.5 ~ 2.0%
Agar-Agar (E406)
Good thickening effect not sticky
Common agar has poor solubility, restricted by technology
Enriching the protein content, good water retention
large usage and high cost, lack of smooth feeling
1.0 ~ 3.0%

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