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Product Introduction

 The Instant Agar ( Quick soluble Agar Agar) is an agar is made from marine red alga--gracilaria as raw material, extracting through hot water, pressing the colloid, filtrating precisely, then after drying, grinding etc processing steps obtains the powder agar. The product has very good viscoelasticity, applied in the sour milk for full taste. FAO/WHO food codex defines agar can be used in human food. It is acknowledged and accepted by more serious countries, including UK, Germany, Russia, France, Poland. U.S FDA specify agar as GRAS grade safety as first grade. In China, GB2760 regulates agar can be used in any food according to demand.

It is a linear hydrosoluble fibre, mainly composed of disaccharide unit repetition which is constitued of b-D-galactose linked in (1-3) and of 3,6-anhydro-a-L-galactose linked in (1-4). The selection of raw material and the adaptation of the manufacturing process allows to confer to Instant Agar gels different textures in gel strength, firmness, elasticity, thixotropy, etc. 


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